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Shy shady planting

A shady garden needs a different approach. Forget expectations of hot colour and massed blooms. For a woodland scene, I like pretty foliage and delicate stems of tiny flowers – perfect for the shady corners of the garden.  Saxifragaceae family gives lots of options. Here, Heuchera, probably ‘Palace Purple’ and Tellima grandiflora.


A foliage feature

While this blog is mostly about colour and scent in the garden, we love foliage as well for elegant contrasts of texture and colour. Anemanthele lessonia is the new name for Stipa arundinacea or Pheasant’s tail grass, a tidy, clumping grass with pretty stripes of orange throughout the summer, which will turn to gold as Autumn approaches.


As summer flowers finish and make space for the shrubs and grasses, it’s shapes that catch the eye – so placing spikey grasses amongst tidy domes of glossy shrubs is simple and just spectacular.  The nice thing about Pheasant Grass is that it looks good whatever the colour of the shrub it sits next to.